Dental Fillings

Utilize composite dental fillings to restore your smile in a natural and durable manner. Composite fillings may be suggested by our dentists to fix chips, cavities, and other small flaws in your smile. Make an appointment with one of our experienced dentists at Herriman Heights Dental Care by calling (385) 361-1652 to find out more about composite dental fillings in Herriman, Utah

A treatment called a dental filling is used to fix light to moderate tooth damage. If a tooth has a cavity or other decay-related damage, or if it has minor cracks or chips, we could advise getting a filling. The dental filling is used to return your smile to health by giving the tooth its original shape and function.

It only takes one relaxing visit to our office to complete the filling procedure. Our dentists will first extract the tooth’s deteriorated and damaged areas, then thoroughly clean the remaining tooth to get rid of any remaining decay. After shaping the filling material to fit the contours of your tooth, we fill the cavity. The filling is finally hardened for a long lasting restoration. 

A dental filling may be an excellent option for restoring your oral health and function if one of your teeth is decaying or broken. To find out more about dental fillings and to plan your upcoming appointment with our staff, we urge you to call or stop by our office right now. We are eager to take care of your smile!