Dental Bonding

Dental Bonding Herriman UtahDental bonding is an easy, affordable way to enhance the appearance of your smile without having to undergo extensive dental surgery. During the bonding process our skilled dentists and staff apply a composite resin material directly to the surface of your teeth. Because the resin is flexible and malleable when first applied, we are able to shape and sculpt it into any configuration to match the contours of your teeth. Once cured, the composite resin is trimmed and polished to create a durable, natural-looking restoration. Dental bonding typically takes only one visit to our friendly dental office, and because it does not require extensive tooth preparation, you can feel confident that your visit will be fast and comfortable.

Our dentists may recommend bonding if they believe that gaps or spaces exist between your teeth, or if they suspect that your teeth are discolored, stained, or otherwise damaged. They may also recommend bonding to help repair minor chips or cracks in your teeth. In addition, we may recommend bonding if you wish to achieve a whiter smile.

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