Flap Surgery

If you have periodontal disease, flap surgery in Herriman, Utah, can help you recover a healthy mouth and smile. Our knowledgeable dentists provide this procedure, more generally known as a gingivectomy, to assist in removing disease-causing elements from your mouth and control your gum disease. To learn more about flap surgery in Herriman, Utah, and to schedule a consultation with Dr. Brian Borg or Dr. Bryce Enslow, please contact Herriman Heights Dental Care at 801-878-3111.

When you have periodontal disease, a surgical treatment called a gingivectomy, sometimes referred to as pocket reduction or flap surgery, is performed to remove germs and calculus from the roots of your teeth.

There are numerous distinct types of bacteria in your mouth at any given time. These microorganisms generate an acid that damages and infects your gums, causing periodontal disease. The goal of gingivectomy is to save your gums and teeth by removing harmful bacteria and reducing mouth irritation.

Gingivectomy helps to:

  • Reduce bacterial spread
  • Halt bone loss
  • Facilitate effective home care

First, a local or general anesthesia will be given by one of our dentists to make sure you are comfortable throughout the process. Following a gentle separation of the gums from the teeth, germs and calculus will typically be eliminated using scaling and root planing. Our dentists will give an antimicrobial agent after your procedure to eradicate any leftover bacteria and promote recovery. After that, your gums will be sutured back into position.

You can notice a rise in gum and tooth sensitivity after your gingivectomy. Within a few weeks, your periodontal pockets ought to be smaller, and your teeth and gums ought to look better.

Please call our office at (385) 361-1652 for additional details about gingivectomy and to make an appointment with one of our experienced dentists.